Dear Denmark

Dear Denmark, As I reflect on our time, I’m not sure what to say. You were cool. I’ll just do a top ten list to keep things simple. 10) Water. Any country with water everywhere is a huge plus in my book. Your famous sand was something to behold. There’s magic to the flatness of […]

Jackson’s Journal: Dear Sweden

Dear Sweden, You were one of the more beautiful countries I’ve been to on this trip. It all started in Stockholm when we got to go on a hop on hop off bus which is the most efficient way to see a city at your own pace in one day. As we were on that […]

Weekly Update #15: Dear Sweden

Dear Sweden, You are cool and modern with a Viking history that’s full of adventure. Honestly, we knew very little about you when we arrived. I have always been casually interested in Scandinavia, though now in reflection I’m not sure why. By reputation, Sweden just seemed hip. And you didn’t disappoint. It’s our kind of […]

Weekly Update #14: Dear Czech Republic

Dear Czech Republic, As we depart your lovely country, I am left wondering, where are the kolaches? We enjoyed our time in Prague and much like our swing through the rest of central Europe, I’m certain that we missed a lot. What we observed, we liked, probably more than some of the other places we […]

Dear Hungary

Dear Hungary, Sadly, we only visited your flagship city, Budapest. We’ve heard for years about how incredible and reasonable Budapest is and it did not disappoint. Two cities – Buda and Pest (pronounced “Pesht”) – come together along Europe’s beautiful Danube. We stayed on the Pest side along Andrassy Street, which is the Hungarian Champs […]

Dear Slovakia

Dear Slovakia, One of the challenges of the big adventure is managing our time. “Wait, but you have all the time in the world,” one could say. Yes, they’d be correct that we control our own time, but just like our everyday life, time seems to slip away despite our best plans and efforts to […]

Weekly Update #13: Dear Austria

Dear Austria, Have you ever had a friend who has done something extraordinary in the past and is still really cool today but will likely never do that extraordinary thing again? That’s you. I hope that doesn’t come off wrong. As German Bavaria extends into the Austrian Bavarian countryside, I marveled at the simple elegance […]
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