Leading From Afar

Friends and strangers ask “What about school for the boys?” as a first question which is in reality not a “what” question but actually a “how” question to comprehend our big adventure. It’s a lot to get your head around; for us too! The second question is, “Who is going to run your business?” which […]

Jackson’s Journal: Aleaziz Egypt

Aleaziz Egypt, Your hot weather gave a heat stroke to my mom (don’t worry, she is ok), and we sweat all day long. We did have all the unlimited water that we needed, and great views of your amazing temples, Nile river, and street people that tried selling stuff to us for 500 Egyptian pound […]

Weekly Update #8: Dear Egypt

Dear Egypt, Your ancient culture is hard for me to comprehend. Since I was a little boy, I’ve dreamed about seeing you. It started when I heard about King Tut, the boy king who would rule for ten years (he died at 19) before likely being murdered by his regent and whose tomb would later […]

Walker’s 1 Second a Day: Italy

Enjoy a glimpse of our big adventure, seen through the eyes of the smallest, yet most entertaining member of the Roaming Stones… Walker! In addition to this video, Walker also created a list of the things he loved most about Italy. Hope you enjoy! -The Roaming Stones

Learning Just Happens

The first question that strangers and friends have asked is, “What are you doing about school?” It is a legitimate question and one that we have put a lot of thought into over many months. The question is second only to, “What are you doing about work?” Lee Anne has already touched on school, but […]

Weekly Update #6: Surgery in Switzerland

Add “medical tourism” to the expanding list of Stone family adventures. Saturday afternoon Jackson began experiencing sharp pains on his right side. Thinking he may have fallen and bruised a rib, we didn’t give it much thought. It will be better in the morning. The next day wasn’t better and by Monday morning it was […]

Jackson’s Journal: Dear Italy

Dear Italy, You’ve been great to me this past month of my journey. You’ve given me pizza, pasta, gelato, haircuts, CLOTHES, and rich ancient history. You’ve made me feel like I’m in heaven with your Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Foot Locker, etc. I’m a clothing LOVER and there’s no better way to start this journey […]
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