Weekly Update #5: Italia Fini

Each time we leave a country, I thought it might be entertaining and an exercise in gratitude to write a thank you note to the country itself. Caro Italia, From the bottom of our hearts (and bellies), grazie. Your ancient history, your Renaissance art, your fun-to-speak language, your artisan economy, your delicious food, your Brunello […]

School’s (Not) Out For Summer

When I think about the boys’ education while we are gone I think of this: Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences. With that being said, we’re trying our best to provide plenty of structure with assignments and projects from the boys’ school! When planning the trip, we felt like the […]

Best of Wives and Best of Women

We’ve been listening to Hamilton as we roam around Italy. This little piece of American culture that can be sung, discussed and celebrated has been comforting. I’ve promised the kids we will see the musical live in London this September. “I am not throwing away my shot,” yells Walker. “Who lives, who dies, who tells […]

Weekly Update #3 – R&R in Tuscany

Our adjustment to life on the road continues! Following the hustle and bustle of Rome, we were all feeling the need to get away from the busy city and catch our breath. Renzi had us on a breakneck schedule learning, observing and talking about what we’ve seen. It was great, but completely exhausting for us […]

Jackson’s Journal: Leonardo da Vinci Museum

One of the things I love the most about the boys’ school is their love and encouragement of writing. It seems like Jackson (and Walker!) are always putting pencil to paper documenting their experiences, writing about what they see, do and hear. Jackson spent time this week writing about his experience at the Leonardo da […]

Weekly Update #2: Rome If You Want To

We’ve officially completed our first week on our adventure! It’s been a whirlwind with little downtime, so we’re all finding ourselves a bit tired (in a good way). Tired, mostly, because Renzi and I are doing what we normally do, trying to cram as much in as possible in a very small timeframe. Surprisingly, traveling […]

Weekly Update #1: I Think I Might Throw Up

I’m a planner. I tend to live in the future. Lee Anne typically lives in present. It’s one of the things I love about her. The big adventure has required a lot of moving parts and we have divided up responsibilities. It has created some tension around our house. On the day of our departure, […]
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