Starting Saxum

In life, we all have moments which are unforgettable. Days that are seared into our memories, holding a place of importance to be cherished and easily recalled. Not every day can live in cognitive permanence and these times must be contrasted with the majority of our lives that pass us by like a next-morning dream, […]

Leading From Afar

Friends and strangers ask “What about school for the boys?” as a first question which is in reality not a “what” question but actually a “how” question to comprehend our big adventure. It’s a lot to get your head around; for us too! The second question is, “Who is going to run your business?” which […]

Dreaming at 40,000 Feet

April 22, 2017 The screen in front of me showed the perfect arc. From Houston to Tokyo, the little airplane emoji was centered in front of my face, the world split between North America and Asia. I sat above the world, somewhere west of Anchorage and east of the international date line. The plane faced […]

The “Why”

A lot of people have asked us why we are doing this. Some have said it’s a drastic move. One friend said quite bluntly, “Let me get this straight. You’re leaving your business, taking your kids out of school, asking your wife to quit her job, selling your house and possessions and taking a sabbatical […]