Dear Slovakia

Dear Slovakia, One of the challenges of the big adventure is managing our time. “Wait, but you have all the time in the world,” one could say. Yes, they’d be correct that we control our own time, but just like our everyday life, time seems to slip away despite our best plans and efforts to […]

Weekly Update #13: Dear Austria

Dear Austria, Have you ever had a friend who has done something extraordinary in the past and is still really cool today but will likely never do that extraordinary thing again? That’s you. I hope that doesn’t come off wrong. As German Bavaria extends into the Austrian Bavarian countryside, I marveled at the simple elegance […]

Weekly Update #12: Dear Germany

Dear Germany, As I’ve traveled your country – Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg, Munich and Passeau – I’ve been reminded of Mrs. Clanton’s ninth-grade history class and the prominently hung poster that has stuck with me all these years, “if you fail to learn history you are destined to repeat it.” Churchill’s words may have been improvised […]

Jackson’s Journal: Dear Iceland

Dear Iceland, Where do I begin? I could probably start by saying that the geyser is the coolest thing in the world! The Golden Circle tour was amazing, we got to see as I said the geyser, and we got to see waterfalls that we could go behind. We got to go on an amazing […]

Weekly Update #11: Dear Iceland

Dear Iceland, When I turn on my laptop an auto-generated, too-good-to-be-real picture pops up. That’s you. I didn’t realize you were real. A big part of our adventure is exploring; ourselves, others and the places we visit. We are trying our hardest to learn something new, change a particular perspective and maybe even find an […]

Weekly Update #10: Dear Greece

Dear Greece, I have yet to write a goodbye letter to a country, but for you, I will do just about anything. When we began our planning for this big adventure, YOU were the place I longed to see. YOU were the place I wanted to experience. YOU were the place I wanted to love. […]

Jackson’s Journal: Dear Greece

Dear Greece, I have to start it off by saying that you gave Italy a run for their money! Which is very hard to do. You definitely beat Italy on their beaches and streets. Athens had an acropolis that was just amazing to see. I mean, it’s no Egyptian temple but it was still cool. […]
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