Weekly Update #9: Shalom Israel

Shalom Israel, I’m still processing. You are a culture of contrasts; secular and religious, the Zionists and the Palestinians, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews, wealthy and poor, Christian and Muslim, heaven and hell, parable and psalm, scripture and legend, outside the wall and inside the wall, […]

Jackson’s Journal: Aleaziz Egypt

Aleaziz Egypt, Your hot weather gave a heat stroke to my mom (don’t worry, she is ok), and we sweat all day long. We did have all the unlimited water that we needed, and great views of your amazing temples, Nile river, and street people that tried selling stuff to us for 500 Egyptian pound […]

Weekly Update #8: Dear Egypt

Dear Egypt, Your ancient culture is hard for me to comprehend. Since I was a little boy, I’ve dreamed about seeing you. It started when I heard about King Tut, the boy king who would rule for ten years (he died at 19) before likely being murdered by his regent and whose tomb would later […]

Walker’s 1 Second a Day: Italy

Enjoy a glimpse of our big adventure, seen through the eyes of the smallest, yet most entertaining member of the Roaming Stones… Walker! In addition to this video, Walker also created a list of the things he loved most about Italy. Hope you enjoy! -The Roaming Stones

Weekly Update #5: Italia Fini

Each time we leave a country, I thought it might be entertaining and an exercise in gratitude to write a thank you note to the country itself. Caro Italia, From the bottom of our hearts (and bellies), grazie. Your ancient history, your Renaissance art, your fun-to-speak language, your artisan economy, your delicious food, your Brunello […]

Weekly Update #3 – R&R in Tuscany

Our adjustment to life on the road continues! Following the hustle and bustle of Rome, we were all feeling the need to get away from the busy city and catch our breath. Renzi had us on a breakneck schedule learning, observing and talking about what we’ve seen. It was great, but completely exhausting for us […]


“There’ll be a prick. Try to relax,” a nurse said as she prepared to plunge a needle into my shoulder. Easy for you to say, I thought. “Two on this side and then two on the other. We’ll start with the HepA and HepB shot and move on to the Tdap. Then we’ll end with […]
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