Dear Slovakia

Dear Slovakia,

One of the challenges of the big adventure is managing our time.

“Wait, but you have all the time in the world,” one could say.

Yes, they’d be correct that we control our own time, but just like our everyday life, time seems to slip away despite our best plans and efforts to meld it to our desires and hopes. Time is a slippery little sucker.

Our one-day stay in Slovakia was nothing more than a short visit while passing through. Short visits are OK, but like any new relationship, it’s a mistake to make a sweeping judgment on only a few impressions.

S pravdou najd’alej zajdeš.

“With truth, you can travel the farthest.”
— Slovak proverb

Seeking truth continues to be a goal of mine for the trip. Human truth. Historical truth. Spiritual truth.

Thinking about this proverb reminded me of how far Saxum has traveled. As we have grown the company over many years, I’ve worked on a foundational principle of demanding the truth from people around me.

Clients who withhold the truth, team members who deny the truth and (most likely) opponents who spin the truth – or outright lie – make up the most difficult parts of my job. Nothing makes my blood boil quicker than someone who asks how to “spin the truth” towards some alternate reality where conjecture and falsehoods win. Interpreting the truth may be subjective but the truth is either right or wrong. Period. We would all travel further if we utilized this principle.

Slovakia, I barely got to know you in our brief time together, but I recognized your people love you and that’s enough for me to want to return.

– Renzi

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