Jackson’s Journal: Aleaziz Egypt

Aleaziz Egypt,

Your hot weather gave a heat stroke to my mom (don’t worry, she is ok), and we sweat all day long. We did have all the unlimited water that we needed, and great views of your amazing temples, Nile river, and street people that tried selling stuff to us for 500 Egyptian pound (29 American dollars). Your kids came up to us in amazement… well mostly amazed by how tall my dad was. Some of your kids were a little crazy and our 2 bodyguards had to give them a little disciplining. Yes I said bodyguards! Sam and Ali made me feel so safe.

Jackson and kids

The farms we saw with all the water buffalos 20 yards from us got a little nerve racking. We definitely saw more boys than we did girls. But that said cultures are different and the boys are out while the girls help their mothers.

The pyramids and the Valley of the Kings stunned me with the great shape they were in. The cruise we were on made me see Egypt in a whole other way. The heat here has been probably the highest recorded weather in Egypt, so what I’m saying is, come in November!

The foods that the chef made on the boat meant we had no bad meals. He had something new almost every day. Your sun goes down at 6:30pm and it comes up at 5:00am. I’d wake up at 6 thinking it was 8-9 in the morning because of how bright it was at that time. Also, you have so many palm trees. I also want to say thank you to Nouna who’s kept up with us the last week. We’ve had Walker acting like a toot and trying to understand his tiredness is hard to do but she did it so thank you Nouna! Also a thank you to Haggi (who at first I thought his name was Miogi). He was our boat helper.

Jackson in egypt

Egypt, my last words to say to you are: Min endi.

– Jackson J. Stone

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jackson, great blog!

    Something funny in the States you become subconscious about sweating too much, but after getting use to sweating all the time when traveling you really don’t mind it at home; as long you don’t smell ?.

    Keep the posts coming!

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