Jackson’s Journal: Dear Germany, Austria, and Slovakia

Dear Germany, Austria, and Slovakia,

It’s been real the past week and a half.

We were in Berlin where everything was built in the past 60 years from WW2. Even though we weren’t there long we really got the feeling of how bad everything was. In Dresden, we got to go to the headquarters for Folks Wagon.

Nuremberg is one of the most historic places on planet Earth because the Nuremberg trials were held there in courtroom 600. Munich was cool because we weren’t there long but we also got to see the headquarters for BMW. Also, I think a lot of the big car factories are in Europe. Then we met some new friends when we were getting ready to get on the bus who became our favorites on the cruise. Once we got on the boat we set sail for Passau, Germany.

The next day we got to go on a 15-mile bike ride crossing the border into Austria. The next day, in Salzburg, we went to a trick water fountain area where a roman king used to have parties and the 3 rules for the water fountain were keep your hands on the table, smile, and stay sitting while everyone but the person at the head of the table gets sprayed. Also while we were there we got to see the scenes from The Sound Of Music! It’s one of the best movies ever made and it was cool to see where they made it.

Then we got to see a castle that is from the year 1077. That night we were sailing to Linz and once we docked we got to see a cool magic show from the guy who has won Austria/Germany’s Got Talent!

The next day in Durnstein we went on a 1-mile bike ride to Stein, which means “stone” so we were making the joke that this was our town from 1000 years ago. After that, we went up to a castle that had so many stairs that we almost quit but we fought through it. That night we had a big dance party in Vienna. The next night we went to a huge palace where Walker had his first ever waltz, and he loved it ;). Check our IG video for it. Then yesterday in Slovakia Walker lost his second tooth! 

All I can say to all these places that I just talked about is… goodbye!


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