Jackson’s Journal: Dear Greece

Dear Greece,

I have to start it off by saying that you gave Italy a run for their money! Which is very hard to do.

You definitely beat Italy on their beaches and streets. Athens had an acropolis that was just amazing to see. I mean, it’s no Egyptian temple but it was still cool.

The island of Paros was amazing, it had the best views in the world (yes… better than Italy!) which is hard to do when Italy is a walking view. When we drove around the island, in the town, there were the cutest little streets of cobblestone that led to the best places to eat or have a drink (with no alcohol). Every single building in the town was white with either screen doors or amazing blue doors my mom wants for our new house. My dad said no. Also, the women here at the beaches just walk around in the water with no tops on! They’ve scarred me for life!!!

The only bad thing that happened here was when we killed a lizard by accident! Don’t hate, I’m a bad pet owner. 🙁 I’ve been learning and teaching my family about the gods. Also, the random dancers in the middle of the sidewalk saying “Opa!” are so funny and so fun to laugh with. I decided that I will be getting married in Paros, Greece.

– Jackson Stone

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