Jackson’s Journal: Dear Iceland

Dear Iceland,

Where do I begin? I could probably start by saying that the geyser is the coolest thing in the world! The Golden Circle tour was amazing, we got to see as I said the geyser, and we got to see waterfalls that we could go behind. We got to go on an amazing hike through the national park of Iceland. We got to see my favorite animal in the world, Puffins!

The western island was cool but the only problem was that the fish smell almost made everyone throw up. I mean we all have great smells then we smelled the fish factory we all just couldn’t stand it. No one that we were with believed that Narwhals are real. Also, Iceland, try to cut down the prices on your food. 50,000 Krona for 4 soups. And the Krona is so fun to pronounce.

My new friend, Emily Heimi, from Germany. We are the same age!

Thank you Iceland for the cold, people that we met, geysers, old friends, and everything else. Love you Iceland.


– Jackson Stone

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