Jackson’s Journal: Dear London

Dear London,

I was so excited to visit you! It felt weird at first because the rest of my family had been there last summer when I was at camp, but after we had been there for about 4-5 days I felt like I had seen as much as they did. And you did not disappoint!

On the very first day we were in London, we got to go have tea at The Ivy, which is the first of its restaurants. Then after tea, we went to one of the tallest points in London called the PrimRose where we could see a view of the entire city. We went to our friends Shabir and Ruiwaida’s house after and it was so good to see them. 

The next day, after we finished up our school work for the day, we went on the original Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour and got to see the Westminster Abbey, where we saw all the kings and queens who are buried there. After that, we got back on the Hop-On Hop-Off buses and went to Buckingham palace, where Queen Elizabeth 2nd lives. We also saw the London Bridge when we were on the bus.

We also had the chance to see where they shot all the Harry Potter movies, with the original sets and costumes. That night, we went to see the first of the two-part Harry Potter play. We got to go back the next night to see part 2.

Then, the main event of the trip and probably of my sweet little life: WE GOT TO SEE HAMILTON!

Those were my favorite parts of London for my blog. And as always.


Jackson Stone

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