Jackson’s Journal: Dear Norway

Dear Norway,

You are a beautiful country. Thank you for letting me spend a great 11th birthday here with my family. It felt a little weird because I didn’t have any of my friends with me and I’m usually in school on my birthday, but I still had a great birthday.

When we were in Bergen for the first time, it was rainy and cold, it was terrible weather the entire time. So I was soooo happy to drive 7 HOURS to get to our house where I would get my own room which I hadn’t had in a while. After a day and a half of being in that house, no one could do the smallest thing that involved wifi. The wifi was terrible but we survived. Also, (this a joke from my family) the Thriving Metropolis of Stranda! We say that because literally EVERYTHING was closed in all of the town because the season ended a week earlier. So after almost a week of being in Stranda, doing a lot of uphill hikes, and going on ferry’s every day, and spending time outside, we decided to go back to Bergen for my birthday!

So on my birthday, we went to a food festival and got to try reindeer, side note, never try reindeer. It was terrible. Even my DAD didn’t like it. If you like it, I am not judging you. We also got to go shoe shopping and ate pasta, my favorite type of food.

Norway has been great to me and my family. We loved it and all the great views coming back to Bergen, and there were so many cows and sheep on the road we almost hit some of them! My mom was driving and is a great driver. We always get places fast when she is driving.

Lastly, Norway is definitely in my top five favorite countries.

Jackson Stone


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