Jackson’s Journal: Dear Sweden

Dear Sweden,

You were one of the more beautiful countries I’ve been to on this trip.

It all started in Stockholm when we got to go on a hop on hop off bus which is the most efficient way to see a city at your own pace in one day.

As we were on that trip through the city, we got to see the Vasa from 1628 that sank as it was pulling out of the harbor because there were too many rocks on one side of the boat.

After that, we went out into the countryside to a house that was the cutest little house in Ulricehamn. We met a great family there that owned a deli inside the city. One night we got to pick out veggies from this family’s farm about 20 minutes outside the city, cook with them in the kitchen of their deli, and eat with them and their kids who are the cutest little kids we’ve met on this trip.

At the Technical Museum, we learned about cancer and that someone from Sweden has found a medicine that stops aggressive cancer. In 10 years, we learned, people will be able to live on Mars, and the Moon! What I saw in Sweden was that almost every house with kids in it had a trampoline. Also, everybody there is really good looking.

Jackson Stone

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