Jackson’s Journal: Leonardo da Vinci Museum

One of the things I love the most about the boys’ school is their love and encouragement of writing. It seems like Jackson (and Walker!) are always putting pencil to paper documenting their experiences, writing about what they see, do and hear. Jackson spent time this week writing about his experience at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence. The following is written by Jackson for his school work and we thought it was a good one to share so you can catch a glimpse of what we’re having the boys work on while we’re away. Enjoy! 

-Lee Anne

We went to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum on May 1, 2018. The museum was in Florence, Italy. The person who gave us the tour, her name was Andee. We wanted to go to the museum so we could see all of da Vinci’s journals, inventions and learn about what he did. We also learned how to draw like da Vinci and learned why he made the inventions he did.

Leonardo’s most interesting inventions were probably the cannon he made or maybe even the scuba suit he made that makes air from the bottom of a tube underwater go to the top of the tube out of the water. He also made one of the first ever tanks that were made of wood, so whenever war armies tried to shoot the tank, the bullets would hit the wood instead of the people.

There were a few “Ah ha!” things I learned that I didn’t know about da Vinci. He was that he was an engineer, astronomer, scientist, journalist, inventor and artist. You could put a lot of things on his business card.

Kids need to know that while da Vinci said a lot of really great things, what I like the best is, “People look without seeing, touch without smelling, taste without tasting and hear without hearing.”

He tells you to be present. He tells you to stop rushing through things and take your time in life.


2 thoughts on “Jackson’s Journal: Leonardo da Vinci Museum

  1. hi walker this is mason…
    We were just checking in to see the adventures of the Stone family! We love seeing your pictures, stories and videos!

    -Susan and Mason

  2. “He tells you to be present. He tells you to stop rushing through things and take your time in life.“

    Well said Jackson! I hope you can live by this as many of us adults, myself included, still have trouble rushing through looking for the “next” instead of being mindful in the present.

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