Walking is Good for Creativity and Problem Solving

Growing up, my mother used to ask me to go on a walk several times a week. That was code for, “let’s talk.” I woke up this Mother’s Day thinking about my Mom who passed away one year ago on April 2nd. I miss her and the long walks we used to take. Taking a walk is still a good way for me to think, reflect and clear my head as I search out the answer to a problem or something that has been bothering me. Some walks are best by myself but often are improved when there is company.

One thing I’ve noticed about traveling is I’m definitely walking more and all this walking is clearing my head. Our family has enjoyed FitBit and the idea of walking at least 10,000 steps a day. In normal life, you have to be so intentional to walk 10,000 steps. Walking is a required skill for the Roaming Stones. After several days of griping about the amount of walking, we are finally walking without complaint from the boys. Ten thousand steps has been easy to attain!

Several years ago I read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs and was reminded that walking is a good way to clear the air and invite creativity into conversations.

This morning I had the opportunity to walk with a new friend, Jim from Arizona. Jim is staying on the same property we are. As we walked, our conversation went from kids to his career to my career to life. The great thing about walking is it invites conversation to meander. I picked up some great management lessons from listening to Jim, including the importance of understanding “the right time” to take action and to being open to the advice from others who have specific expertise. It was good stuff!

As a parent, my job is to set up my children with the foundation for a productive life. A life that contributes to society. A life that has meaning. My mother laid a foundation of walking, but what she really was doing was making me move, making me think and making me connect. There wasn’t an agenda or an iPhone. Two legs and an active mind. As we continue to adventure, I made a small pact with myself. Try to find the time, each week, for several long walks with Lee Anne, the boys, with strangers and by myself. With so many new experiences, I am sure these walks will prove beneficial.

– Renzi

1 thought on “Walking is Good for Creativity and Problem Solving

  1. A few memories this brings back and may be good for the boys, but probably better for the parents.

    We actually never had a working SIM card on our big trip, even though we both had smartphones or tablets. This was actually a blessing in disguise as it forced us to semi pre-plan our next destinations knowing we wouldn’t have internet in the car or mode of transportation along the way (you can still use downloaded maps with GPS); but created more conversations during the transit times.

    The other great memory was on the EBC Hike because you feel like you are literally stepping back in time as you hiked up this valley that had villages to sleep in, but no roads, cell / WiFi, or electricity. Being disconnected and present in the moment is a gift in its own.

    So any planned hikes or treks?

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